Tamriel is a big place, and ESO’s many zones are filled with lots of things to see and do. With Update 21 and the new Zone Guide tool, it’s easier to discover everything Nirn has to offer. “With the Zone Guide, we’re trying to help players that want to complete aContinue Reading

Here is a private tour of The Elinhir Private Arena! This beautiful home located in Craglorn has a lava pool, little home area, and TRAPS to make your duels more interesting! Pit Fighting promoter Crottus “Thumbs-Down” Lycus built this private arena atop the haunted ruins of Molavar because the landContinue Reading

Bethesda Softworks unveiled its 2019 plans for The Elder Scrolls Online, including a new story chapter called Elsweyr, part of a four-part story arc that will include dragons ♥, a first for the fantasy online multiplayer game. Many of the update’s details were already known, due to a leak earlierContinue Reading

The Racial Passive Changes have finally been posted on the forums! Here they are for you to peruse. See the official forum post for full developer commentary. When the changes go live, they’ll be refunding all points spent on racial passives so players will have to reallocate their points. They will also beContinue Reading

The Midyear Mayhem encore event begins on Thursday, January 10 at 10:00AM EST and will run until Monday, January 21 at 10:00AM EST. Throughout this merciless event, you’ll win bonus rewards by participating in the Alliance War, Battlegrounds, and the fight to control the Imperial City. Here’s how you canContinue Reading