This Acronym Dictionary is a list of the common acronyms and phrases used by players in the Elder Scrolls Online. If you ever see a player using in-game jargon (special words) and you’re not sure what it means, you can consult this list to find out.


  • TESO, ESO, ES Online, TES Online, ESOTU – The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, an MMORPG developed by Zenimax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, and the 8th entry in the critically-acclaimed Elder Scrolls franchise.
  • ZOS, ZOE, Zeni – Zenimax Online Studios, the developers of ESO. Sometimes mistaken as Zenimax Online Entertainment, a company that does not exist.
  • MMO, MMOG, MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • BRB – Be right back. Used when one is going away from their computer for a period of less than 5 minutes.
  • AFK – Away from Keyboard. Used when one is going away from their computer for a period of more than 5 minutes.
  • GTG – Got to go. Used when one goes away from the computer for either the rest of the day, week, month, year, eternity, or at the very least, several hours.
  • RP – Roleplaying. It’s quite a popular activity in ESO, contrary to popular belief.
  • ERP – Erotic Roleplaying, a.k.a Cybering. Not quite as popular in ESO as in other games, but it’s there.
  • PST – Please Send Tell. When someone uses this abbreviation, they want you to whisper them if you want to participate in whatever event they’re holding. For example, DK/Temp LFM FG, PST! (Dragonknight and Templar Looking for Players for Fungal Grotto, Please Send Tell!)
  • EP, Reds, Cherries, Tomatoes, Apples, Albion – Ebonheart Pact. Very rarely are they called Albion, but it happens. This is because in ESO’s spiritual predecessor, Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC), Albion was the “red” faction.
  • DC, Blues, Smurfs, Covvies, Blueberries, Midgard – Daggerfall Covenant. Sometimes mistaken for Disconnect, or the universe of superheroes. They also are sometimes (very rarely) called Midgard, because in Dark Age of Camelot, Midgard was the “blue” faction.
  • AD, Yellows, Bananas, Simpsons, Tree-Huggers, Hibernia – Aldmeri Dominion. Like the EP and DC, they also have a DAoC counterpart, a faction called Hibernia, which was the faction of the foresty tree-hugging people. Just like their ESO counterparts!
  • Lag – Latency or FPS problems.
  • FPS – Frames per Second, how smooth ESO runs on your machine depending on your graphics settings and your computer.
  • 1337 – Leet, short for elite. This term has been around as long as online games have existed. It is used when someone or something is super-duper cool and awesome.
  • Epeen, E-Peen – One’s big ego, pride, or attitude over the internets.
  • Bio, Bio Break – When one is summoned to the porcelain throne by the call of nature. If your vocabulary is poor it means when someone wants to go to the loo.
  • L2P – Learn to play. Used when one is poor at playing their class and/or build correctly.


  • 1H- One Handed weapon
  • 1T- One Tamriel (Really big ESO update that introduced a ton of stuff, including level scaling)
  • 2H- Two Handed weapon
  • -blade- Nightblade (class) Usually has Mag-/Stam- in front of it to denote the character’s main resource (eg- Magblade)
  • “n” before any dungeon/trial acronym- Denotes the normal version of the dungeon/trial
  • -plar- Templar (class). Usually has Mag-/Stam- in front of it to denote the character’s main resource (eg- Stamplar)
  • “v” before any dungeon/trial acronym- Denotes the veteran version of the dungeon/trial


  • AA- Aetherian Archive (trial)
  • AC – Arx Corinium (dungeon)
  • AD- Aldmeri Dominion
  • AS- Asylum Sanctorium (“mini” trial)
  • Adds- Hostile NPCs in boss fights
  • AFK- Away from Keyboard
  • Aggro-  Aggression. Determines which player an enemy will attack. Taunting an enemy will increase its aggro towards you.
  • Alt- An alternative character on a player’s account
  • AoE- Area of Effect
  • AP- Alliance Points
  • AvA- Alliance vs Alliance
  • Ales – Fort Aleswell
  • Achis – Achievements
  • Anchors, DAs, Dolmens – Dark Anchors


  • BC – Banished Cells and/or Blessed Crucible (dungeons)
  • BF – Bloodroot Forge (dungeon)
  • BG – Battleground. A 4v4v4 team-based PvP game mode. 
  • BH – Blackheart Haven (dungeon)
  • BiS- Best in Slot
  • BoE- Bind on Equip
  • BoL- Breath of Life (a skill from the Templar Restoring Light skill line. Morphs from Rushed Ceremony)
  • BoP- Bind on Pickup
  • BRP – Black Rose Prison
  • BS – Bar Swap
  • BSW- Burning Spellweave
  • Buff – An effect that makes your character/group stronger
  • Build- Refers to a character’s race, attributes, chosen skills, gear and abilities
  • BRK – Blue Road Keep
  • Blood, CBM – Castle Bloodmayne
  • Brind – Castle Brindle
  • Bleaks – Bleaker’s Outpost.


  • CC – Crowd Control
  • Chapter- The equivalent of an expansion in other MMOs. Named “Chapters” because the ESO team wanted to make it clear that content was available to all players at any level, not just max level players like traditional MMOs. The only Chapter right now is Morrowind.
  • Char- character
  • CoA- City of Ash (dungeon)
  • COD- Cash on Delivery
  • CoH- Crypt of Hearts (dungeon)
  • CoS- Cradle of Shadows (dungeon)
  • CP- Champion Points
  • CR – Cloudrest (trial)
  • Craglorn Trials- The trials located in Craglorn (Aetherian Archive, Hel Ra Citadel, Sanctum Ophidia)
  • CwC – Clockwork City
  • Cyro- Cyrodiil
  • Choking – When an alliance severs a Transitus link by taking three resources around one keep to break its link, but not actually attacking the keep, thus disconnecting an enemy alliance alliance from both the keeps the transitus link is connected to, and the choked keep itself.
  • Chal/Chalm/Chalamo – Chalman Keep
  • CFG – Castle Faregyl


  • DB- Dark Brotherhood
  • DC- Daggerfall Covenant or Disconnect
  • DD- Damage Dealer
  • Debuff – An effect that makes whatever it is applied to weaker
  • DfK – Direfrost Keep (dungeon)
  • DgB/DrgB – Dragon Bones
  • DK- Dragonknight (class)
  • DM- Direct Message
  • DoT- Damage over Time
  • DPS- Damage Per Second. Can literally mean how much damage a character does per second or can denote a character that does damage as their role in dungeons/trials
  • Drops – Items that can be looted from enemy’s corpse
  • DSA- Dragonstar Arena (dungeon)
  • DsC – Darkshade Caverns (dungeon)
  • DW- Dual Wield
  • Drag, Dragon, Dclaw – Fort Dragonclaw
  • Drake, DLK – Drakelowe Keep


  • EH – Elden Hollow (dungeon)
  • EP- Ebonheart Pact
  • EU- European Megaserver


  • Farming- Grinding for materials and/or gear
  • FG- Fungal Grotto (dungeon)
  • FH – Falkreath Hold (dungeon)
  • FL – Fang Lair (dungeon)
  • FOTM – Flavor of the Month. Used to describe new OP builds that don’t last long.
  • FC – Forward Camp, which used to be a type of PvP equipment that allowed you to spawn wherever it was placed. FCs are extremely rare now since they were taken off of store shelves in Update 5, with only a handful of players in possesion of them. It was very useful in both attack and defense, but it made PvP much more of a lagfest and it encouraged things like Bloodporting (Killing yourself to spawn somewhere else), as well as making World PvP less common.
  • Farra – Farragut
  • Fare – Castle Faregyl


  • Gank- Dealing a lot of damage to a player by catching them by surprise. Usually done from sneak. Also could refer to when a high level player(s) surprise attack lower-level players.
  • Ganking – When a higher-level player and/or his buddies jump out of nowhere to attack lower-level players. Hated by many “gankees”, but go ahead and do it it if you want. It’s a warzone, there are no rules!
  • GF- Good Fight. Usually said after duels.
  • GG- Good Game
  • GS- Guild Store
  • Gz- congratulations
  • Grinding – Performing the same action over and over until a player gets what he wants from it. It is, quite literally, insanity, according to Einstein’s Definition of Insanity. Usually associated with killing mobs.


  • HA- Heavy Armor / Heavy Attack
  • HM- Hardmode
  • HP- Health
  • HoF- Halls of Fabrication (trial)
  • HoT- Heal over Time
  • HotR- Horns of The Reach
  • HRC- Hel-Ra Citadel (trial)
  • Holy Trinity – The combined term for Tanks, Damage Dealers and Healers. All 3 support one another in some way – Tanks protect, healers heal, and damage dealers kill.


  • IA – Infallible Aether (trial set)
  • ICP- Imperial City Prison (dungeon)
  • ICS- Imperial City Sewers
  • IC- Imperial City (PvP & PvE area)
  • Inc – Short for Incoming Train. Used when a large enemy force is spotted heading for a specific location. For example, if a scout saw a Covenant zerg heading for Blue Road Keep, they would say in zone chat “dc inc brk”.


  • Juli- Julianos (set)
  • Jumping/Pilejumping/PJing – A very effective tactic where a large force from one alliance attacks another alliance which has been very weakened from just taking a keep from a third alliance. Can also be used on players after they win a fight against a ganker (see below). This tactic was used by the Ebonheart Pact in the famous Battle of the Chalamo on February 7th, 2014, where ESO’s first emperor was crowned (There is a book about it in the Inner section of Chalman Keep.).


  • Kings – Kingscrest Keep


  • LA- Light Armor / Light Attack
  • LF- Looking for
  • LFDG- Looking for Dolmen Group. Seen commonly in Alik’r Desert.
  • LFG- Looking for Group/Looking For Guild
  • Leash – A very lazily designed mechanic. It is the maximum range an enemy will follow the player. ESO is unusual in that enemies will chase players beyond their leash, make or receive one attack and then fully heal and return to their starting position.


  • MA- Maelstrom Arena / Medium Armor / Mechanical Acuity
  • Mag- Magicka
  • Magden/Stamden- Magicka Warden/ Stamina Warden (class)
  • MD – Moondancer (trial set)
  • Meta – Most Efficient Tactic Available. This is what is regarded as the “standard” for reaching the best performance.
    • Non-Meta: Something that doesn’t follow the commonly believed “standard” for best performance.  This does not mean bad, it just means outside the realm of what is believed to be the most optimal.
  • MHK – Moon Hunter Keep (dungeon)
  • Mob – Hostile NPC’s
  • MoL- Maw of Lorkhaj (trial)
  • MoS – March of Sacrifices (dungeon)
  • MR – Magicka Recovery
  • MQ – Main Quest, referring to the main story of ESO that revolves around the Planemeld and Molag Bal.


  • NA- North American Megaserver
  • NB- Nightblade (class)
  • Necro- Necropotence (set)
  • NPC – non-player character
  • Noob/Newb/Nub etc. – A new or an unskilled player, sometimes both.


  • OP- Overpowered
  • Oil – Either an Oil Catapult or Flaming Oil, types of defense-oriented equipment.


  • PoTL – Power of the Light
  • Pots- Potions
  • Proc- Programmed Random Occurrence
  • PUG- Pick Up Group
  • PvE- Player vs Environment
  • PvP- Player vs Player


  • QQ- Although it is now popularly used as a crying emote, it actually stems from Warcraft. On battlenet, you could press ALT+Q+Q to immediately exit the match and program. So the term “QQ” was used to tell people to quit.


  • RNG- Random Number Generator. Refers to the games algorithms to determine random things such as loot drops.
  • RoM- Ruins of Mazzatun (dungeon)
  • Roe – Castle Roebeck
  • Roll – When you make a new character or use a different build than usual.


  • S&B/SnB- “Sword and Board”, meaning sword and shield
  • SnS – Sword and Shield
  • SC – Spindleclutch (dungeon)
  • SO- Sanctum Ophidia (trial)
  • Sorc- Sorcerer (class)
  • SotH- Shadows of the Hist
  • SP/ScP – Scalecaller Peak (dungeon)
  • SPC – Spell Power Cure
  • SR – Stamina Recovery
  • Stam- Stamina
  • SW – Selene’s Web (dungeon)
  • Sword and Board- Sword and shield
  • Sej – Sejanus Outpost
  • Squishy – A character that dies a lot. Sorcerers are known for being particularly squishy.
  • Spawn – Refers to either mobs, or the locations those mobs enter the world (the actual spawning). The location can also be called a spawn point. In PvP this also applies to the player when they die.


  • Tank – a character built to withstand repeated and excessive physical blows, so as to divert, distract, or absorb,and also to buff the group.
  • TBS – Twice Born Star
  • Temp- Templar (class)
  • Temp(s)- Tempers (gear upgrade materials)
  • TFS – Twice-Fanged Serpent (set)
  • TG- Thieves Guild
  • TI – Tempest Island (dungeon)
  • Tick – The frequency of which damage or healing from DoTs or HoTs will occur.
  • Toon- character
  • Tyfg- “Thank you for group”
  • Trash Mobs – Groups of basic enemies in a dungeon or trial that are not associated with a specific boss.
  • Tank n’ Spank – The most common and traditional type of group combat. The tank draws aggro, the DDs deal damage and the healer keeps them alive.


  • Ulti – Ultimate Ability


  • Vamp- Vampire
  • Vet- Veteran
  • VF – Volenfell (dungeon)
  • VO- Vicious Ophidian (set)
  • VoM- Vaults of Madness (dungeon)


  • WB- World Boss
  • WGT- White-Gold Tower (dungeon)
  • WH – Wolfhunter
  • WS – Wayrest Sewers (dungeon)
  • WTB- Want to Buy
  • WTS- Want to Sell
  • WTT- Want to Trade
  • WW- Werewolf
  • Wrecking Ball – Essentially a zerg with tactics. It involves a zergball clumping together and buffing themselves so they are mega OP (Immune to CC, Immune to AoE and almost anything) and then charging at high speed towards an enemy. Wrecking Balls are EXTREMELY useful when defending and almost always successful. Contrary to popular belief, a wrecking ball CAN be defeated if you know what to do.


  • XP- Experience



  • Zerg – Movement of a large mass of Player
  • Zerging – A tactic which is generally frowned upon by much of the PvP community. It involves a massive amount of players travelling in a huge clump called a Zerg, Blob, Train or a Zergball in order to overpower an enemy keep/outpost/resource. It normally involves no tactics, but actually can win some battles if put up against an average-sized, average-skilled force. Zerging is one of the root causes of lag.