One of the additions that come with Greymoor expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online is the Antiquity System. The new system lets you travel across Tamriel in search of lost artifacts. In this guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about how to become the best Archaeologist Tamriel has ever known.Continue Reading

ESO makes a triumphant return to the frozen land of Skyrim in the new Dark Heart of Skyrim campaign, which will see over three new DLCs and an expansion ‘chapter’ release throughout the year. The first of which is Harrowstorm, a dungeon-themed DLC that introduces two new dungeons. Icereach, takes you not to Skyrim, but rather to the frozen peaks of the Wrothgar Mountains. If you’ve already played the Orsinium DLC, you’ll already know tons of stuff about the land of the Orcs.Continue Reading