Hello, I am Scarlet (not my real name tho!). I’m a silly, potato, derpy, super-chill gamer that loves achievement hunting.
I love playing Elder Scrolls Online, but I also play other games and I love to play in my own weird ways.
My favorite game genre is- Mmorpg, Horror, and FPS.


Facts About Me

♥️ I’m Brazilian/Dutch, currently living in Denmark.
♥️ I was born in Brazil on Feb 20, moved to Holland when I was 19.
♥️ I love Sushi, Ben&Jerry Cookie Dough Ice Cream,
♥️ I love Unicorns 🦄
♥️ I have Bipolar Disorder Type I
and Fibromyalgia.
♥ I’m a bookworm, nerd, geek, and I love horror movies. Also, I’m a BIG fan of Stephen King 🎈
♥ I am a “mother” of a lovely German Spitz called Misty and a silly cat called Sunny.

– Why Scarlet Witch? Because she can do amazing alters and manipulate chaos that was given by a demon when she was born. She’s the daughter of Magneto which is already awesome enough.

Here is a picture of my dog Misty, and my cat Sunny ♥

Misty ♥
Sunny ♥

My email: scarlet-witch@live.com or you can use the form below

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