An Enchanter in the Elder Scrolls Online gathers Runes found throughout the world. They can then be used at Enchanting Tables to assemble Glyphs, which are enchantments that can be applied to Jewelry, Armor or Weapons.

Runes are raw materials used for the Enchanting crafting specialization in Elder Scrolls Online. They are divided into four categories: Aspect Runes, Additive Potency Runes, Subtractive Potency Runes and Essence Runes.

Potency Rune Aspect Rune Essence Rune

    Rune Locations: All runes are found in the field, often near Ruins, Temples and oddly enough bridges. You can also find runes by looting “Heavy Sack” spawns on the landscape and dungeons, and from decontructing Glyphs or from the “Survey” reward of Writs. Hirelings also send you runes.

    Enchanting Writ: Some players report issues finding a “Jora” or “Jode” during enchanting instruction, or during earlier Writs. Jora and Jode can primarily be purchased from other players or acquired from Runestones in the field; due to how level scaling now works, higher-level players will only find glyphs containing higher-leveled Potency runes.

  • Potency ( Square) determines the level of the item that can be enchanted with the glyph. There are  Additive Potency and Subtractive Potency.
  • Aspect ( Circle ) determines the strength of the enchantment (within the range for the level of the enchanted item).
  • Essence ( Truncated Triangle) will determine the magical effect each of which can be used for only one of the kinds of glyph, weapon, armor, or jewelry.