Endeavors is a new system in the Elders Scrolls Online that offers numerous rewards to players. Being a part of Update 30, this new system is an opportunity for players to acquire Crown Crate items by simply playing the game.

Endeavors Quests

Every time you login into ESO, you will receive automatically several Weekly and Daily quests to complete for rewards such as experience, gold, and other items. In one of these items is a new currency called Seals of Endeavor. It is free for all players, which means that it needs no purchase of the newest Chapter.

The Endeavors are listed in the Group & Activity Finder. You automatically receive 5 account-wide daily and 3 weekly Endeavors that ask you to complete different tasks. Here are some examples of the kinds of tasks Endeavors might ask you to do:

  • Steal or pickpocket items
  • Complete quests
  • Defeat enemies using Class or Weapon abilities
  • Sell items to vendors
  • Craft different types of items
  • Defeat different types of monsters
  • Harvest resource nodes
  • And many more!

There is a limit to how many quests you can complete in a day or week. Once you reach the cap, the remaining will deactivate and you will be able to do it again the next day or week. The system is automated, there is no need to get a quest from an NPC or return to an NPC to claim your rewards.

Quests are activated the moment you login into the game and when you complete them you get your rewards, simple as that! 🥰

Seals of Endeavor

Seals of Endeavor is a new in-game currency that you can earn by completing the quests. What makes this currency unique is the fact that you can use it to acquire Crown Store items. From simple potions to the very rare Apex mounts of the crown season.

Seals you earn from each quest will depend on the difficulty of the quest and the day you complete it. As we all know, some crown crate items are very expensive, so saving your Seals will be necessary to acquire some of the items. Luckily there is no cap of how many Seals you can hold, they are account shared and not character-specific.

To get items of your choice using Seals all you have to do is browse the Seals tab from the Crown Store menu, you can see the available item and its cost.

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