First of all, I recommend the addon management called MMOUI Minion.
Minion, it’s exactly what we always wanted from an AddOn site. A simple, easy to use a client that lets you manage your addons, update them all with a single click (or update them automatically when new versions come out), and does it all with the full permission of the authors and the sites involved—without gimping your features or your download speeds. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Minion Features

  • Automatic AddOn updates!
  • Fast downloads.
  • Easy to install & browse Addons from Minion.
  • Support for multiple games installs.
  • One-click update all.
  • Easy AddOn management.
  • Safe from Virus, Malware, and keyloggers.
Click to download

Below is a list of must-have addons for ESO that I use and recommend, you can either use the link featured on the addon page to download or search for the addon on Minion.