AP Buff Reminder
A soft and gentle reminder that your AP Buff has near ran out

Alessia Bridge
Be informed on the Bridges status of being open or closed

In-Chat Notifications
Notifies you of your AP gains, and the its source. Eg. Defence Ticks, Captures etc

Tick Range notifier
The meter will display “X Range” if you are in an area capable of providing a tick. The message will disappear as soon as you leave the area

AP session Report Card
More details to your session, giving you a breakdown on your ap gains, your session time, deaths, etc Can be accessed by clicking the icon on the right hand side of the meter, or toggled with /apreport

Set an AP Goal
You can set an AP goal to work towards, just a handy reference to hit the figure you set out for. Be it to overtake someone on the boards, your next rank, or for fruitlessly buying AP vendor bags. Can be set within the sessions Report Card

Link to download: AP Meter