To fully understand the wondrous nature of this addon, you first need to try spending more than 5 minutes stumbling through the ridiculously clumsy default Guild Store interface in ESO. I promise you, if you’re ever trying to find something specific, this addon will save you hours of your time by comparison. Awesome Guild Store works in conjunction with Advanced Filters to provide an incredibly robust search and filtration system within the Guild Store interface, allowing you to search and find exactly what you’re looking for in a variety of intuitive ways.


  • Search Tab Improvements
    • Category filters like in the inventory
    • Subcategories similar to Advanced Filters
    • Range sliders for level, price and quality filters
    • Multi selectable item property filters (traits, enchantments, etc.)
    • Text filter for results on current page
    • Persistent filter state
    • Reset buttons for each individual filter and all filters at once
    • Search history and favorites
    • Start search button
    • Per unit price display
    • Loading overlay
    • Advanced page navigation
  • Sell Tab Improvements
    • Categories selection like on the search tab
    • Select items quickly for listing with a single click
    • Sliders to select sell quantity and unit price
    • Full craft bag support
  • Listing Tab Improvements
    • Sortable headers
    • Number of listed items
    • Loading overlay
  • Select guilds quickly with two clicks from the dropdown or even faster via the mousewheel
  • Shows the current guild trader location in a tooltip
  • New custom Icons

Link to download: Awesome Guild Store