Code’s Combat Alerts provides notifications and alerts for a selection of PvE mechanics.

Note: This addon is a continuation of and replaces the Perfect Roll addon. It is recommended that you uninstall the old Perfect Roll addon if you still have it installed.

What this addon works for:

Taking Aim

  • Although the visual cue for this mechanic is glaringly obvious and difficult to miss, the cue is designed to aid in the interrupt of Taking Aim. If the enemy could not be interrupted, timing a dodge roll is difficult because the ability has an extremely long windup of 9 seconds (5s in Halls), and the secondary visual cue–the enemy lowering their bow to aim and the intensification of the orange glow–still happens far too long before the actual cast, which means that dodge rolls based on that secondary visual cue would still happen too early.
  • This addon will sound an audible alert to signal the need to dodge 1.6s before the actual cast, and players should time their dodge on that cue.
  • If the enemy is interrupted or killed before the 1.6s remaining mark, there will be no alert of any sort; i.e., there is no alert of the start of a Taking Aim cast. Most Taking Aims are interrupted, so there is no point in adding unnecessary noise; the alert is sounded only in those exceptional cases where an interrupt still had not happened with only 1.6s remaining.

Various Dodge Roll Mechanics

  • This addon will sound an audible alert to signal the need to dodge specific mechanics. Most dodgeable attacks will not generate an alert. The goal of this addon is to fill the gaps in specific cases where the game’s visual cues are insufficient or difficult to use. Things like Nerien’eth’s and Voriak’s “skull attacks” in Crypt of Hearts II and Maelstrom or Skoria’s fireball in City of Ash II all have good, well-designed visual cues, and I see little reason to have alerts for them.
  • Spindleclutch I:Web Blast and Arachnophobia
  • Spindleclutch II:Enervating Seal
  • Fungal Grotto II: Shadow Bolt
  • Dragonstar Arena: Lethal Arrow (if it is not interrupted quickly enough)

Maelstrom Arena

  • Alert for the spawn of Webspinners in stage 6
  • Dodge alert for Ball Lightning in stage 7

Maw of Lorkhaj

  • Status display, visible only to players with the tank role, to show the degree of the Armor Weakened debuff from the Hulks’ Thunderous Smash ability during the Rakkhat encounter in Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj
    • You can drag this status display around with your mouse to reposition it.
    • This tracks all players who have the debuff and the degree of each of those player’s debuff, so a main tank can see when their tanking partner has been hit with two smashes.

Scalecaller Peak

  • Audible alert for Pestilent Breath cones
  • Alert for Inferno’s Hold that identifies who the target will be (although Zaan does look in the direction of her intended victim, it is sometimes impossible to discern who that is when players are stacked closely together)

Fang Lair

  • Dodge alert for Clash of Bones (to help with the slightly unusual timing of dodging these attacks)
  • Timer that counts down to when the Cadaverous Senche-Tiger will do its Death Grip mechanic (if the senche has been put down, the timer will count down to when it will reawaken, because Death Grip is the first thing that it will do immediately upon reawakening)
    • You can drag this timer around with your mouse to reposition it.
    • This timer counts down to when the senche initially fears its victim, which is the point at which the victim loses control of their character. The actual interruptible Death Grip mechanic follows about a second later.
    • Additionally, at the start of the initial fear, an alert will be displayed that identifies the victim.

March of Sacrifices

  • Dodge alert for Trapping Bolt (if it is not interrupted quickly enough)
  • Dodge alert for Fiery Remnant
  • Status alert for the start of the Electric Water and Venomous Spores mechanics

What this addon doesn’t work for:

Mechanics found in trials are generally covered by Raid Notifier and other trial-specific addons.

Link to download: Code’s Combat Alerts