This addon is a retexture of many of the default ESO textures to a smoother and more subdued UI. DarkUI focuses only on changing textures to improve the look and feel of ESO while being compatible with all other addons and having no performance impact. A number of additional components have been updated to a darker frame including target frames, tel var stone frame, bounty frame, map border, etc. Also, by default, the attribute bars, skill bars, champion and level bars, and lockpicking timers have been made to a non glossy (flat) texture. There is an option in the addon settings to enable glossy bars if you choose.

Includes the Dark and Light themes. Some people may not care for the dark UI so I would like to offer “Light” as an option. I think “Light” is a great alternative to the default UI and may offer more than similar addons.

Link to download: Dark UI