HarvestMap is one of those addons  that can cause a massive memory-hog that can negatively impact your game performance – but frankly, in many cases, it’s worth tolerating the loss in frame rate to take advantage of the information this mod can provide. HarvestMap is a fantastic tool for farming materials – it tracks the location of every single crafting material node (as well as things like Chests and Fishing Spawns) you’ve ever collected, and marks it down on your map. You can even toggle a setting that puts a big 3-D indicator on your screen that points to each node as you approach it.

I don’t usually recommend players keep this addon active while they’re in a Dungeon or Trial, or if they’re running off to Cyrodiil to go PvP – but if you’re looking for a great way to learn some nice material-farming routes to make some extra gold, there’s no better addon for the job.

Link to download: Harvest Map