This add-on do not use any map librares, it works directly with ingame map.

How to use: Open the map (M), find filters tab and check for it to show the additional pins on your ingame map, such as:

– Dungeon Bosses
– Skyshards
– Lore books
– Treasure and survey maps
– Unknown POI
– Mundus description
– Crafting Station description
– Chests (known base and ability to add new)
– Vivec Lessons
– Ancestral Tombs
– A Cutpurse Above
– I like M’aiq
– Lightbringer
– Give to the Poor
– Crime Pays
– This One’s on Me
– One Last Brawl
– Orsinium Patron
– Wrothgar Relic Hunter
– Breaking and Entering
– Peacemaker
– Summerset Relics
– Time Rifts
– Psijic Portals

Link to download: Map Pins