Master Merchant acts as a sort of information-broker: it tracks all data available to your game client in terms of sales and purchases, aggregates that data, and then allows you to manipulate it in a variety of useful ways. By toggling on the Master Merchant interface, you can track every sale and purchase within any of your player-run guilds, view gross sales and purchase data, track your sales tax contribution, graph sales and average-price history of any item over a variety of customized time periods, and more. You can even export all of your sales data (and that of your guilds) into a separate file to be analyzed in external programs of your choosing, should you have any desire to do so.

Oh, and you can track your own sales and purchase performance relative to all other members of your guilds as well. Ever wonder where you rank among the rest of your guild mates? Master Merchant is the best way to find out.

This is an addon that I recommend to any player who joins a Trade Guild in ESO – unlike other mods, Master Merchant keeps track of your data, meaning you’ll always have the most accurate picture of how certain items are selling within your own guilds. Given the nature of the ESO economy, that’s important – your Iron Ore is going to have a different demand curve if your Guild Store is located in Daggerfall than it would in Riften, for example – and with Master Merchant, you’re able to graph that data, based on the guilds you’re in, and measure the difference. It’s an incredibly robust and well-designed tool-set that can be useful to new players and veteran sellers alike, and I can’t recommend it enough. Download it, you won’t be disappointed.

Link to download: Master Merchant