Athrahgor is a Bosmer achievement furnisher who can be found in each of the Aldmeri Dominion’s zones, as well as the Gold Coast and Imperial City. Athrahgor offers different furnishings based on location that are unlocked by completing certain achievements.

Below is a list of his location in each of the zones, the furnishings he offers, and the requirements needed to unlock the items.


Skywatch – Auridon


Ancient High Elf Statue

High Elf Throne

Tanzelwil Culanda Stone

Veiled Crystal
Cost 35,000g 25,000g 10,000g 5,000g
Auridon Adventurer

-Complete 37 quests in Auridon

A Rule Unquestioned

-Defeat a hidden threat to the Dominion in Auridon

Sunder the Third Veil

-Defeat the Daedric army and their leader at Firsthold

Sunder the Second Veil

-Infiltrate the Veiled Heritance and discover its secret


Redfur Trading Post – Grathwood


Aulus’s Captive Audience
Guardian Mane
Orrery Control Pillar Replica

Ukaezai’s Ward

Valenwood Brazier

Cost 10,000g 15,000g 10,000g 10,000g 4,000g

 Southpoint Savior

-Free Southpoint from the influence of the Daedric Price, Sheogorath

Hero of Falinesti

-Free Nairume from her prison and retrieve Raijhin’s Mantle


-You thwarted perlious Daedric schemes in Grahtwood

Reliquary Retriever

-Retrieve the Heart of Anumaril from the Reliquary of Stars

Grahtwood Adventurer

-Complete 38 Quests in Grahtwood


Marbruk – Greenshade


Fires of the Wilderking

Hectahame Arboretum Relic

Rise of the Silvenar

Sea Elf Banner

Wood Elf Path Marker

Cost 4,000g 10,000g 5,000g 10,000g 7,500g

Court Ranger

-Protect the Court of the Wilderking

Valenwood Protector

-Cleanse the corruption from Valenwood

Valenwood Protector

-Cleanse the corruption from Valenwood

Veil Lifter

-End the Veiled Heiritance threat in Greenshade

Greenshade Adventurer

-Complete 40 quests in Greenshade

Vulkwasten – Malabal Tor



Handfast Pedestal

Wood Elf Union Trellis

Wood Orc Dream Catcher

Wood Orc Malacath Banner

Cost 25,000g 5,000g 15,000g 4,000g 10,000g

Malabal Tor Adventurer

-Complete 40 quests in Malabal Tor


-Restore the SIlvenar and the Green Lady to their rightful place in Malabal Tor

Hero of Frond and Leaf

-Unite the Silvenar with the Green Lady

Hound Hinderer

-Uncover the Hound’s plan to lure the Green Lady to Silvenar

Silvenar’s Friend

-Save the Silvenar from his captors


Rawl’kha – Reaper’s March


Colovian Projection Crystal

Full Moons Tile

Khajiiti Shrine Guardian Statue Moonmont Lunar Altar

New Moons Tile

Waning Moons Tile

Waxing Moons Wall Tile

Cost 5,000g 5,000g 20,000g 15,000g 5,000g 5,000g 5,000g

Clanmother Inaugurator

-Restore the Clanmother to power in Arenthia

Reaper’s March Adventurer

-Complete 45 quests in Reaper’s March

Two Moons Pathwalker

-Walk the Two Moons Path with the next Mane

Dark Mane Incarcerator

-Shackle the Dark Mane to his prison beneath Moonmont

Reaper’s March Adventurer

-Complete 45 quests in Reaper’s March

Hallowed Moons

-Walk the Two Moons Path in Reaper’s March

Hallowed Moons

-Walk the Two Moons Path in Reaper’s March

Mistral – Khenarthi’s Roost


Maormer Totem

Cost 10,000g

 Maormer’s Bane

-Stop the Maormer from summoning a hurricane to destroy Khenarthi’s Roost