Lozotusk is an Orc achievement furnisher who can be found in each of the Daggerfall Covenant zones, in addition to Coldharbour, Craglorn, and Wrothgar. Lozotusk offers different furnishings based on location that are unlocked by completing certain achievements. Below is a list of his location in each of the zones, the furnishings he offers, and the requirements needed to unlock the items.




Daggerfall – Glenumbra


Name Bloodthorn Vines, Small  Breton Gravewatcher Statue Hagraven Totem Torn Lion Guard Banner Wyrdstone
Cost 5,000g 25,000g 5,000g 5,000g 2,500g

Ritual Destruction

-You stopped an insidious cultist plot in Glenumbra

Savior of Glenumbra

-Stop Angof the Gravesinger’s necromantic plan to conquer Glenumbra

Glenumbra Adventurer

-Complete 53 quests in Glenumbra

Faolchu’s Bane

-Defeat Faolchu the Changeling and set the city of Camlorn free

Wyrd Friend

-Help the Wyresses remove Angof’s corruption from their sacred groves and the Wyrd Tree



Wayrest – Stormhaven


Knights of the Flame Banner

Replica Dreamshard

Spirit Warden Azura Statue

Vaermina Statue

Wayrest Guillotine

Cost 10,000g 2000g 75,000g 75,000g 75,000g


-Defeat the Omen of the Watchful Eye and lift the paranoia in Alcaire

Rude Awakening

-You ended the nightmares in Stormhaven

Spirit Warden Champion

-Return the Dream Shard to Pariah Abbey and restore peace to Menevia

Stormhaven Adventurer

-Complete 60 quests in Stormhaven

Azura’s Ally

-Defeat the Omen of Counting Stars and end the obsessions plaguing Gavaudon

Shornhelm – Rivenspire


Constellation Tile: The Ritual

Constellation Tile: The Shadow

Constellation Tile: The Tower

Crimson Stained Bowl

Gargoyle Statue

Hope of Rivenspire

Wagon of Death

Cost 10,000g 10,000g 10,000g 2,500g 50,000g 5,000g 25,000g

Curse Breaker

-You ended the blood-curse and restored order in Rivenspire

Curse Breaker

-You ended the blood-curse and restored order in Rivenspire

Curse Breaker

-You ended the blood-curse and restored order in Rivenspire

Sword of Ravenwatch

-Kill Baron Wylon Montclair and destroy the Lightless Remnant at the Doomcrag to save Rivenspire

Hero of House Tamrith

-Kill Reezal-Jul at Camp Tamrith and save the Crestshade refugees

Hero of House Dorell

-Kill Lady Lleraya Montclair at Northpoint and set Baron Dorell’s city free

Rivenspire Adventurer

-Complete 42 quests in Rivenspire

Kozanset – Alik’r Desert

Name Kneeling Ansei Statue Reconstructed Necromantic Focus Replica of Shattered Ansei Sword

Standing Ansei Statue

Tu’whacca’s Brazier

Cost 15,000g 5,000g 35,000g 15,000g 5,000g

Ash’abah Hero

-Defeat the Withered Hand and reclaim all the Ansei Wards

Alasan’s Devastation

-Defeat Alasan and restore the Ansei Ward

Consecrated Ground

-You put the dead to rest in Alik’r

Alik’r Desert Adventurer

-Complete 42 quests in Alik’r Desert

Uwafa’s Ruination

-Defeat Uwafa and reclaim the Ansei Ward

Evermore – Bankorai


Ceremonial Redguard Vessel

Damaged Knight of St. Pelin Statue

Evermore Mourning Banner

Glenmoril Wyrd Stone

Ragged Imperial Banner

Cost 4,000g 5,000g 4,000g 4,000g 4,000g

High King Emeric’s Savior

-Rescue High King Emeric from the clutches of Septima Tharn

Bangkorai Garrison Liberator

-Liberate the Bangkorai Garrison from the invaders

Evermore Defender

-Stop the Reachmen from attacking Evermore

Bangkorai Adventurer

-Complete 36 quests in Bangkora

End of Empire

-You drove Imperial forces out of Bangkorai

Stonetooth Fortress – Betnikh


Pirate Banner

Cost 10,000g

Famed Recruiter

-Recruit all three famous privateers on Stros M’Kai