This guide will help you find all the musical instruments throughout Western Skyrim to finish the achievement “An Instrumental Triumph” from Greymoor and get a music box furnishing called The Merry Meadmaker.

It is a single bound furnishing item, so you can only have one in a single one of your houses. You can listen to the music here.

To start the quest, head to Solitude in Western Skyrim and find the NPC named Lieborn who is inside the Bard’s College.  Leiborn starts off saying “How would you like to become a legend?” I dunno, this kind of sounds like a start of a scam but you really do feel bad for him when you notice all the instruments missing from the Bard’s College.

Bard’s College Entrance
Bard’s College Location – Solitude

A bard, Nel, has hidden the instruments to stop the two factions within the Bard’s College from fighting. They fought over whether to play these instruments or preserve them. Sadly, she died with the knowledge of where they are hidden and now we must help Leiborn find the instruments.

Follow Leiborn’s lead and take the quest called “Orchestrations.” Use the Sapphire Society Disguise that Leiborn gave you and head to the auction location. The auction enforcer will ask you the password to get in the house. Remember, it is: “A jewel of blue rules the view.”

You’ll find that the Petraloop has already been sold. Speak to the drunkest and shortest Sapphire Magnate and you are offered a choice of buying the instrument for 693g or stealing it from where it is being kept.

Whatever path you choose, once you have the Petraloop return it and the note “Nel’s Hidden Love” will be available to pick up on the table in the Bard’s College. The note contains all the necessary clues to find the other instruments.

Nel’s Hidden Loves

You who quibble,
Disagree, take sides:
Relics of song,
Encyphered here hide.

Bards’ legend first,
I keep it with me.
Its import true
Though worn lovingly.

Haafinger, go!
The hilt of a blade.
Jade shadows hide
Magnificent caves.

At western mine
A long storehouse march.
Dragged across two
Holds, steady an Arch.

Great creature’s home,
Westest of Western.
North frost grotto
Frigid, sequestered.

Hjaalmarch; A Jarl
Holds court above all.
Stirring Nord graves.
A maze of cold walls!

Towers that lower
Bear weight of great tales.
Following sleep,
The seas this one sails.

To Karthald; Turn
Winds. Watching Jarl’s foes.
Fall upon South.
Brisk breezes freeze toes.

Then to the Dark;
A dwemer does take.
Empty, falls light
At waterfall’s break.

Sunsets in dark,
Miners do covet.
A junk-heap’s gem,
Lord Chaurus above it.

Towers do form
From fungus that grow.
Deep keep above
and lava below.

There are a total of 18 other instruments to find and return to the Bard’s College which you can do at any time. Below are maps of where the instruments located in Western Skyrim and Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns.

Western Skyrim
  1. Petraloop
  2. Jahar Fuso’ja – Inside Sword’s Point Watchtower
  3. Tenderclaw – Inside Shadowgreen delve near a waterfall
  4. King Thunder – At Mor Khazgur inside the main house
  5. Long Fire – At Dragonbridge at the base of a watchtower
  6. Shadow of Rahjin – Inside Dragonhome delve behind a pillar
  7. Jarlsbane – South of Northern Watch Ritual Site inside a cave
  8. Shriek-of-Silk –  In Morthal, inside Jarl Reddharn’s Hall, up the stairs to the highest level, on top of a wardrobe
  9. Sky-Talker – Talker inside the Labyrithian Dungeon at the back of a barrow behind a chair
  10. Dozzen Talharpa – Behind a great lift south of Shademother’s Haven
  11. Kothringi Leviathan Bugle – In the deck of a broken ship south of the Silver Cormorant
  12. Lodestone – At the base of a windmill northwest of Karthwatch
  13. Lilytongue –  Inside Chillwind Depths delve

14. Ateian Fife –  Northwest of Dusktown wayshrine, up a ramp inside a hole in the wall
15. Pan Flute of Morachellis Hag-Husband – Take the path east from Lightless Hollow wayshrine and follow it as it turns south. The instrument is on the left just before you reach a waterfall that has a skyshard.
16. Lute of Blue Longing – Inside Nchuthnkarst Dungeon
17. Highmourn Dizi – Inside The Scraps delve
18. Reman War Drum – West of Greymoor Keep wayshrine, find the mushroom formation pictured below. Jump on top of a path of mushrooms until you reach the top to reach the instrument inside a crate.
19. Chime of the Endless – Within the Greymoor keep walls, on a ledge on a cliff face you have to drop down onto

Once you have recovered and returned all the instruments, Leiborn will give a final quest called “A Salskap To Remember”. Afterwards, you will complete the achievement ‘An Instrumental Triumph’ and a bound furnishing item: Music Box, The Merry Meadmaker will be added to your inventory. When you are inside one of your houses, the furnishing item can be found in the “Services” section in the housing editor, under “Music Boxes”. Happy hunting!

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