Stone Garden is a 4-player group dungeon located in Blackreach, Western Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Stonethorn DLC. It features Normal and Veteran Modes.

Deep within the caverns of Blackreach lies a secret laboratory where all manner of unspeakable research is performed. Arkasis, the mad alchemist in charge, tests new concoctions and experiments on both willing and unwilling subjects. What horrors lie within his Stone Garden and what does it mean for the Dark Heart of Skyrim?

Fight monsters with monsters in Stone Garden, one of the two new dungeons arriving with the Stonethorn DLC. Uncover this new Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure in this latest preview.


Hidden within the twisting caves of Blackreach lies the secret laboratory known as Stone Garden. There, inside this age-old Dwarven complex, the mad alchemist Arkasis toils unceasingly to perfect his latest abominations.

“Not much is known about Stone Garden other than the fact it was an abandoned Dwemer facility of some kind,” explains Mike Finnigan, ESO’s Encounters Lead. “The pipes, tubes, and Dwarven machines were perfect for Arkasis’s plan, and so he retrofitted them with his own designs, making the entire structure one giant laboratory.”

Arkasis’s laboratory

You and your team must discover the entrance to this hidden laboratory, face the mad alchemist’s terrible designs, and put a stop to his vile experiments. Worry not, for you won’t have to do it alone, as Gwendis of House Ravenwatch (from the ESO base game and Castle Thorn dungeon) joins you in your investigation of this ancient complex and its newest master. Indeed, you’ll need all the help you can get if you are to face Arkasis’s latest creations!


Guarding Arkasis and his laboratory is a monstrous host, twisted by their master’s dark science, including ambitious apprentices, colossal Stone Husks, and savage werewolves, all alchemically empowered.  

To best the monstrosities of Stone Garden, you must make use of Arkasis’s own creations against him and become a monster yourself!

  • For each boss in Stone Garden, you can activate a hard mode.
  • Special potions can be crafted – with some special mushroom – inside the dungeon to boost your stats.
  • You can transform into a Werewolf Behemoth in order to kill some enemies.
Exarch Kraglen's Challenge Banner to Activate Hard Mode on Bosses
Gloomspore Agaric - Special Mushroom

Stone Garden Maps

Refinement Wing
Testing Chamber
Research Wing
Arkasis's Laboratory


This dungeon involves a mechanic whereby players can transform into Werewolf Behemoths. This effect lasts for several seconds and causes your character to become much more powerful. Your usual skill bars are locked while transformed and replaced by a unique set of skills.

Throughout the dungeon, you may discover three side rooms containing Alchemy Equipment guarded by a Bloodknight. You can enhance your Behemoth form for the duration of the dungeon by performing alchemical experiments at these tables, using the Gloomspore Agaric mushrooms that can be harvested throughout Stone Garden.

The first alchemical experiment table can be found behind an Intermediate-locked door. It is guarded by two Werewolves and a Bloodknight, the latter of whom can be harvested for Bloodknight Ichor

Alchemized Super Vigor
Alchemized Super Resilience
Alchemized Super Strength

To unlock this option and make the mixture you will need the passive Laboratory Use from the Alchemy Skilltree. If you don’t have the passive required, you can choose the other option, which will also increase your stats but just in a smaller amount.

Room 01

  • Ingredients: Bloodknight Ichor + 13 Stinkhorn
  • Enhancement: Alchemized Super Strength = 375 Weapon & Spell Damage + Werewolf Behemoth Swipe damage boost.

Room 02

  • Ingredients: Bloodknight Organ + 13 Spider Eggs
  • Enhancement: Alchemized Super Vigor = 400 Magicka & Stamina Recovery + Werewolf Behemoth 60% faster Ultimate regen

Room 03

  • Ingredients: Bloodknight Brain + 13 Luminous Russula
  • Enhancement: Alchemized Super Resilience = 3500 Health + 6% damage reduction + Werewolf Behemoth 200% Health Recovery


Each boss has a specific hard mode

BossHealthHealth HardmodeAdds
Exarch Kraglen5.263.12310.526.246None
Stone Behemoth5.263.12318.947.242Multiple Stone Husks
Arkasis The Mad Alchemist7.83.10518.744.993Multiple Monsters & Stone Husks

Boss Fights

First Boss – Exarch Kraglen

Boss Health: [HP No Hardmode: 5,263,123] – [Hardmode Activated HP: 10,526,246]

Blood Rage
This is the boss’s most important mechanic! Exarch Kraglen will scream and knock you back if you are too close. If you fail to interrupt the Blood Rage, you will most likely not make it. His scream will drain your resources.

The boss will glow red and charge against a player, all you have to do is block the charge otherwise you will instantly die.

The boss will use an AoE stomp that will one-shot you if you are in it. After the stomp, several icy craters will appear, you have to avoid so you won’t take damage and get stunned.

This is a channeling the boss will do on a player (usually the tank), you can dodge roll this attack or just block it, but it deals a lot of damage.

Second Boss – Stone Behemoth

Boss Health: [HP No Hardmode: 5,263,123] – [Hardmode Activated HP: 18,947,242]

Stone Behemoth is the second boss of Stone Garden, he has a few adds that will spawn later on that have resource-draining mechanics. There is a lot of enemy AoE mechanics that you have to avoid.

Arkasis, The Mad Alchemist throws different mixtures onto the boss, if the boss for example is on ice, ice mechanics will happen. If the boss is on fire, fire mechanics will happen.

Essence Explosion
Stone Behemoth will take out his heart (essence) and it will explode, dealing a lot of AoE damage. You can dodge roll this attack, or if you are far enough or standing behind him you should not get hit. Blocking and shielding help to reduce the damage of this attack.

The boss will place a fire AoEs on the ground that you have to avoid.

Fire Smash
When the boss is burning he will smash his fists together, which results in a big AoE explosion. The tank can block this attack but healer and damage dealers should move out of it or shield up and block, otherwise, it is pretty much instant death.

Ice & Ice Smash
The boss will place ice AoEs on the ground that snare and root you.  When the boss smashes his fists together will result in an ice explosion, stunning you. You can just break free once you got stunned.

Magicka Drain
A Stone Husk creature will spawn on the side and will spam a blue beam with a blue AoE that drains your Magicka. Be aware, they will respawn after a while. Save your Ultimates for when these adds spawn so you can kill it faster.

Final Boss – Arkasis the Mad Alchemist

Boss Health: [HP no Hardmode: 7,983,105] – [Hardmode Activated HP: 18,760,296]

With hard mode difficulty, this boss is very difficult. It might take a while to get used to because you need to understand how the Werewolf Behemoth skills work.  Fighting against Stone Husks is the most difficult phase. Every player needs to understand how the Werewolf Behemoth skills work, otherwise it’s a wipe. Healers or Tank slot Efficient Purge in this fight to purge poison or stuns.

Phases Explained

100% – 60% = Human Arkasis + adds

60% = Werewolf Behemoth vs Stone Husk

60% – 20% = Human Bossfight + adds (+ Poison Bottles)

20% = Werewolf Behemoth vs Stone Husk (+swap mechanic)

40% – 0% Evolved Arkasis + adds (+ Shock AoE kite phase)

Human Arkasis Phase

Heavy Attack
The boss will channel a Heavy Attack that you have to dodge roll as tank, it deals a lot of damage.

Fire Geysir
Fire bottles will be placed by the boss on the ground that will shoot out fire AoEs,  keep constant movement so you can avoid these.

Fire Dagger
The Mad Alchemist boss will light up his dagger, when he does a light attack a fire AoE will come out of it that bounces off walls etc. This attack also applies a heavy fire DoT on the tank.

Adds: There are three different adds that will spawn during the Arkasis phases, always focus on these adds. If the adds are alive for too long they will enrage and cause massive damage to the tank. Dodge roll the charged heavy attacks from these adds.

Poison Bottles: In the second round from 60% to 20% Arkasis will have an extra mechanic where he throws poison bottles that will spray poison AoE all over the floor, all you have to do is block it. This mechanic deals a lot of damage, you have to make sure to not get hit by two at the same time, if you don’t block it you will also get stunned.

Werewolf Behemoth Phase

In this phase, everyone needs to transform into a Werewolf Behemoth and you need to be aware of what each of the skills does.
Each player has to take one of the Stone Husks and take him into one of the four corners of the arena and kill it. 

I tried with my group – and it worked by the way- is to stack them in the middle and nuke them using the Werewolf Ultimate one by one.

There is one mechanic where the Stone Husk will shoot poison balls, you have to interrupt this with the third Werewolf Behemoth skill as fast as possible, otherwise the whole group will wipe.

There will be shock balls that spawn from time to time, use the fourth Werewolf Behemoth skill to destroy these from range. Always keep the fifth skill up, because is the one that heals you.

There will be one additional mechanic during the second Werewolf Behemoth phase where the enemy will start to glow yellow, which means you have to SWAP your enemy with your buddy. Use the charge skill to swap the enemy and then taunt it. If you don’t swap you will get one shot after some time.

Werewolf Behemoth Skills

 It is important that you keep using the skills to generate Ultimate faster.

Skill 1: Vicious Bite = Taunt

Skill 2: Rampage = Gap Closer

Skill 3: Bonecrusher = Interrupt & Stun (interrupt Stone Husk on the last boss)

Skill 4: Thunderous Stomp = Forward Stone Cone Ranged Attack (destroy shock orbs on the last boss)

Skill 5.1: Bestial Frenzy = Heal

Skill 5.2: Hircine’s Howl = Frost Breath & Damage Reduction

Ultimate: Lead The Pack = Powerful AoE Attack & Crazy Ultigen & Resets timers

Rewards & Loot

These are the sets + Monster Set that drop in Stone Garden dungeon:

Elemental Catalyst – Light Armor

2 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Magicka
3 items: Adds 19-833 Spell Critical
4 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Magicka
5 items: Whenever you deal Flame, Shock, or Frost Damage, you apply a stack of Flame, Shock, or Frost Weakness to the enemy for 5 seconds. Each stack of an Elemental Weakness increases their Critical Damage taken by 6%. An enemy can only have one stack of each Elemental Weakness at a time.

Kraglen’s Howl – Medium Armor

2 items: Adds 19-833 Weapon Critical
3 items: Adds 3-129 Stamina Recovery
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon Damage
5 items: After an enemy you’ve recently damaged dies, you let out a howl, granting three allies within 15 meters the Heed the Call synergy. Activating the synergy gives you and the activator 12 Ultimate. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds.

Arkasis’s Genius – Heavy Armor

2 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
3 items: Adds Adds 34-1487 Armor
4 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
5 items: Whenever you drink a potion, you and 3 group members gain 44 Ultimate. This effect can occur once every 30 seconds.

Stone Husk – Monster Set

1 item: Adds 19-833 Weapon Critical
2 items: Your Heavy Attacks tether you to enemies within 10 meters for 5 seconds. Enemies touching the tether take 1906 Physical Damage every 1 second and you gain a stack of Husk Drain, up to 15 stacks. The tether is broken if the enemy moves 12 meters away from you. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds. When the tether ends, you consume the stacks and gain 30 Weapon Damage per stack consumed for 5 seconds.

Rewards from Stone Garden

  • Title: The “True Genius” title is obtained by completing the “True Genius” achievement in Stone Garden.
  • Title: The “Pinnacle of Evolution” title is obtained by completing the “Triple Checked” achievement in Stone Garden.
  • Momento: Juggling Potion Bottles Memento: Obtained by completing the Stone Garden Conqueror achievement.

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