There are free pets and polymorphs up for grabs in The Elder Scrolls Online. All it takes to unlock these is playing the game.

Some of the pets are really easy to acquire and only need to own the DLC (or have access to it via ESO+ or free-play events) or to enter a certain area in order to unlock them.

Some other pets require a little more effort, but nothing more difficult than completing a quest-line or unlocking an achievement.


Grisly Mummy Tabby

Collect and combine 10 pieces of Mummified Alfiq Parts in the Rimmen Necropolis Public Dungeon in Elseweyr. You can also purchase the parts in the guild stores

Nibenay Mudcrab

Own the Imperial Edition of the game.

Undaunted Porter Scamp

Completing the “Moongrave Fane Challenger” achievement, accomplished by completing a number of other achievements within the Moongrave Fane dungeon.

Big-Eared Ginger Kitten

Finding seven Runebox Fragments in Karnwasten and combing them. You can also purchase the fragments in the guild store.

Verdigris Haj Mota

You need to own the Murkmire DLC and travel to Lilmoth in Murkmire for the first time.

Elinhir Arena Lion

Combine 40 Arena Gladiator’s Proofs, available by completing Conquest Missions in Cyrodiil, with an Arena Gladiator’s Roar, available for purchase from War Researchers in Cyrodiil

Swamp Jelly

Find seven Runebox Fragments in Cyrodilic Collections Daily Contract Recompense containers and combine them. You can also purchase the fragments in the guild stores.

Icebound Dwarven Spider

Complete the “Frostvault Conqueror” achievement

Scintillant Dovah-fly

You need to own the Clockwork City DLC and enter the Brass Fortress in the Clockwork City.

Necrotic Hoarvor

Rewarded for completing the Imperial City Challenger Veteran Dungeon achievement with The Imperial City DLC.


Own the Orsinium DLC and visit the city to unlock this one.


For this cute Jackal you need the Thieves Guild DLC. When you enter Abah's Landing for the first time, this pet will be added to your collection.

Dwarven Spider

Travel to the south of Bangkorai and not far away from Onsi's Breath Wayshrine or Hallin's Stand Wayshrine, you will find the public dungeon Razak's Wheel. Here you have to complete the quest "The Mystery of Razak". To obtain the Quest, you have to examine a dead Imperial Researcher which you can find in front of the Razak's wheel dungeon.

Stonefire Camp

The Stonefire Scamp pet can be obtained by completing the Barathrum Centrata event in the Imperial Sewers. This pet is a very rare drop of the event's final boss, the Simulacrum of Molag Bal. Be aware that a maximum of twelve players can earn the event reward.

Dwarven Theodolite

To obtain the Dwarven Theodolite Pet, you have to own the Morrowind chapter and collect its seven parts in the public dungeon, Nchuleftingth in Vvardenfell. if you don't want to collect these pet parts or you don't own the Morrowind chapter, you can buy the Dwemer Theodolite Pet Runebox in the guild stores too.


Peryite Skeevemaster Costume

To unlock this costume and achievement, you will need to visit the Orcrest Public Dungeon in Elsweyr, kill mobs and find 10 Plague-Drenched Fabrics. (Click on the Image to read the Guide)

Black Hand Robe

To unlock this costume and achievement, you will need to own Dark Brotherhood expansion.(Click on the Image to read the Guide)

Wrothgar Costumes

To unlock this costume and achievement, you will need to own Orsinium expansion.(Click on the Image to read the Guide)


Arena Gladiator

To unlock this costume and achievement, you will need to do PVP Daily Quest.(Click on the Image to read the Guide)

Levelling Rewards Costumes

To get these, all you have to do is level up your character 🙂 when you reach the certain ammount of Champion Point described below, you will unlock them instantly. Easy peasy!

Golden Saint (Reach CP20)
Dark Seducer (Reach CP60)
Mannimarco (Reach CP100)
Imperial Chancellor (Reach CP160)



Feeling brash and brassy? Adopt the swaggering attitude of a cocksure killer and show the world that death and danger are your bread and butter. Alters the /eat3, /greet, /leanback, and /leanside emotes.

The Assassin Personality is the DLC loyalty reward for the Dark Brotherhood DLC.

Visiting the Gold Coast zone for the first time will reward you with the personality. It affects walking, running, emotes, and idles.


Sometimes the tiresome constraints of civilized behavior just … become … too confining! Must stretch, must hunch over, must snarl and snap. Must be … a Beast!

The Beast Personality is awarded for completing the “March of Sacrifices Challenger” achievement.

Telvanni Magister

"We have one rule that governs the actions of every member of House Telvanni—there are no rules. We are ambitious, curious, devious, and, yes, power-hungry. For the mage with the most power wins, and the winner is always right."—Magister Gothren Alters the /read, /juggleflame, /ritual, /doom, /idle2, /idle4, and /armscrossed emotes.

The Telvanni Magister Personality is a quest reward for completing “The Heart of a Telvanni”, which is the final quest in the Telvanni questline.

Worm Wizard

There's just something about Worm Anchorites, those creepy necromancers of the Worm Cult, and the sinister way they act. It's almost as if dealing with the undead has an unhealthy effect on one's personality. Alters the /bless, /dishonor, /doom and /ritual emotes

The Worm Wizard Personality, also called more usually the Necromancer personality, is a reward from completed the Fang Lair dungeon in hard mode, with the Speed Run and No Death Achievements. It affects several emotes.


Unlocking these items requires more time and effort, needing you to commit some time grinding items or spend some gold to bypass the hard work.

Maelstrom Baron (polymorph) – Complete the Maelstrom Arena in the Orsinium DLC in veteran mode.

Skeleton (polymorph) – Complete “The Bargain’s End” quest in Stillrise Village in Shadowfen.

Xivkyn Augur, Xivkyn Dreadguard and Xivkyn Tormentor (polymorphs) – Small chance of dropping from Imperial Reward containers, purchased in Imperial City using tel var stones. Alternatively, purchase the runeboxes from the same vendor for a much higher price that the Reward Containers.

Cadaverous Assassin (polymorph) – Unlock the “Litany of Blood” achievement for the Dark Brotherhood.

(To read the guide to get the Cadaverous Assassin Costume, just click on the image of the polymorph below)


Maelstrom Baron (Polymorph)
Skeleton (Polymorph)
Xivkyn Augur (Polymorph)
Cadaverous Assassin (Polymorph)

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