Dragonstar Arena

The Dragonstar Arena is a group-based arena in Upper Craglorn. It is similar to the Trials in Craglorn, but is aimed at groups of four players rather than twelve. It comprises numerous waves of enemies across ten arena environments and has both a Normal and Veteran mode. Veteran runs are recorded on a leaderboard system.

You cannot respawn at the wayshrine until your entire team has been defeated, making soul gems a necessity for mid-fight resurrecting. A scamp named Kizna offers basic services in between rounds.

Fighting in the arena grants access to loot chests after every round, which can contain items from several unique, powerful sets.

Being prepared for the Veteran Mode is the key.  If you have completed normal DSA before or you have someone in your group who has completed VDSA or got really close helps a lot.  Team-play is essential, discuss with your teammates who is using which abilities before entering each phase is a good idea. Take your time with the group on the first run.

Once inside, Hiath the Battlemaster will provide rudimentary instructions. Speak with Milia the Gatekeeper to begin the first round. After each round, you will be given access to the merchant Kizna, a Chest of Champions, and a portal to the next round. Hiath will commentate the rounds, occasionally interspersed with the voice of his “master”, the Daedric Prince Boethiah.

There are 2 achievements associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description Reward
Dragonstar Arena Champion 50 Conquer all challengers and earn the title of Dragonstar Arena Champion! Title: Dragonstar Arena Champion
Dragonstar Arena Conqueror 50 Conquer all challengers on the increased difficulty version of Dragonstar Arena. Adamantine Silver
Title: Boethiah’s Scythe


Stage 1 – Dragonstar Arena

Dragonstar Arena

The first round is relatively easy. You will be pitted against Fighters Guild enemies, who make use of the related skill line. The arena is covered in spike traps, although they are easily avoided and can be used to your advantage. This round has many healers, who can become a problem if you don’t take them out quickly. The final boss is Champion Marcauld.

Mechanic: Trap spike litter the Arena. Standing on one of them will Snare, Immobilise & do DOT (damage over time).

Position: Central Gate for Waves 1 to 5. Gladiators can not be interrupted, move them quickly out of their healing circle. The healing circle also heals all other mobs standing inside it. All Enemies except the Boss can be pulled in by DK Empowering Chains ability.

Dangerous Mobs: Gladiators (Big Shield/Banner on the back); Champion Marcauld (Boss)
– Gladiators and the Boss have to be permanently bashed by the Tank so they cannot cast their protection/healing circle.

Boss: Move the boss quickly out of his healing/protective circle. At around 70% mobs will spawn, and again at 40% more mobs including a Gladiator will spawn, so watch out for the double healing/protection circles.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Ice Wraith (126k) Burrow underground, appear under player
Sovengarde Ranger (210k) Arrow Spray, Volley, Heavy attacks
Sovengarde Brawler, Berserker, Thundermaul (210k) Charge, Heavy attacks, Uppercut
Sovengarde Icemage (235k) Ice Barrier, Ice path, Cast AOE circles
Sovengarde Slayer (300k) Cleave, Charge, Heavy attacks, Uppercut
Bear (290k) Charge, Pounce
Troll (450k) Stomp, Charge, Pounce
Katti Ice-Turner (2.4mill) Icepath, Unstable wall of elements, Cast AOE
Xavni Frost-skin (2.8mill) Cleave, Uppercut, Heavy attacks

Stage 2 – The Frozen Ring

In this round, you will be fighting Sovngarde Nord enemies, along with trolls, bears, and ice wraiths. The arena contains three large fires, which you will need to fight beside and keep lit to avoid taking periodic damage from the icy conditions. The bosses are Yavni Frost-Skin and Katti Ice-Turner.

The Frozen Ring

Mechanic: Starts on wave 3. You must pick up the Fire torches and light the Campfire in the Center at the start of each round. If the mobs are killed fast enough you should only need to light it once.

Position: Central for Waves 1-5.

Dangerous Mobs: Caster/Archer.

Boss Strategies: Stand right at the gate when the Bosses Spawn > the Caster will run away from you > he will stand at the Fire > Pull the melee to the Mage and kill both. When the Bosses reach 50% there will be adds spawning. The tank needs to taunt the Troll & pull in the Archer or interrupt.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Strangler (90k) Vine pull, Poison Root, Poison Circle
Corprus Husk (109k) Spew Poison, Light attacks
Conjurer/Hedge Wizard (207k) Cast AOE circles, Protects enemies, Orb attack
Savage (228k) Shield Bash, Heavy attacks
Crocodile (231k) Tail whip, Heavy attacks
Nereid (320k) Whirlpool, Scream, Heavy attacks
Wamasu (500k) Charge, Tail Whip, Lightning breath
Nak’tah (2.6mill) Cast AOE circles, Aura of Protection, Orb attacks
Shilia (2.6mill) Whirlwind, Ensnare, Heavy attacks

Stage 3 – The Marsh

In this round, you will fight against Dragonclaw Reachmen, along with stranglers, wamasu, nereids, and corprus husks. Poisonous clouds will randomly spawn in the arena, and will deal massive damage if you touch them. The bosses are Nak’tah and Shillin.

The Marsh

Mechanic: Poison Clouds will spawn at 5 different locations starting on Wave 2. North, West, East, Center, and at the entrance to the Arena. Do not stand in the Poison Cloud.

Position: Wave 1: Central Gate. Start killing Nereid as soon as it spawns. The tank needs to bash all Nereid’s so they can’t cast Whirlpool abilities. Wave 2: Central, kill Wamasu quickly and the tank needs to taunt the Mages. Interrupt the Mage’s Meteor & Protection abilities. Waves 3 and 4: two Stranglers will spawn on the North-West & South-West corners. 1 DD focus on each and kill it quickly.

Dangerous Mobs: Nereid’s, Wamasu’, Stranglers

Boss Strategies: DD’s kill the Stranglers on the South-West & South-East corners then attack the Boss and kill the healing totem. Depending on which Boss takes the most damage, either a Nereid or a Wamasu wave will spawn. The alternate mob wave will spawn again at 40% combined with Boss hp. The tank needs to interrupt the Mage Boss Overload heavy attack, DDs needs to keep AOE and range focus down Stranglers from a safe position.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Strangler (90k) Vine pull, Poison Root, Poison Circle
Corprus Husk (109k) Spew Poison, Light attacks
Conjurer/Hedge Wizard (207k) Cast AOE circles, Protects enemies, Orb attack
Savage (228k) Shield Bash, Heavy attacks
Crocodile (231k) Tail whip, Heavy attacks
Nereid (320k) Whirlpool, Scream, Heavy attacks
Wamasu (500k) Charge, Tail Whip, Lightning breath
Nak’tah (2.6mill) Cast AOE circles, Aura of Protection, Orb attacks
Shilia (2.6mill) Whirlwind, Ensnare, Heavy attacks

Stage 4 – The Slave Pit

In this round you face Dunmer enemies from House Dres, as well as kwama, netches, and kagouti. Suitably, the arena is reminiscent of Morrowind. The Dres Enslavers have a special attack that attaches a blue chain to one of your group members, turning them to stone unless interrupted. The boss is the Earthen Heart Knight, who obviously makes use of the Earthen Heart skill line.

The Slave Pit

Mechanic: Starting on Wave 2, Enslaved Shadow’s will spawn on top of a random player at regular intervals. Quickly move or roll away from them.

Position: Wave 1: Central Gate. Waves 2-4: West Door, focus to kill the Enslavers.

Dangerous Mobs: Enslaver, Battlemage, Enslaved Shadow.

Boss Strategies: Focus on the Boss. You can ignore the Enslavers because they will just spawn over and over. The tank needs to keep the Boss moving away from the Shadow’s as they spawn. Healer & DDs try to position yourself so that if you get a Shadow on you, it is in a convenient location and not at the center of the Arena or close to your mates.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Nix Hound (118k) Charge, Light attacks
Kwarma Worker (120k) Charge, Light attacks
Kwarma Warrior (145k) Groundslam AOE, Heavy attacks
House Dres Cryomancer (223k) Frost Circle, Ice Barrier, Heavy attacks
House Dres Illusionist (223k) Fear, Heavy attacks
House Dres Sorcerer (223k) Teleport to player->AOE, Heavy attacks
House Dres Nightblade (245k) Stealth Stun, Steel Tornado, Heavy attack
House Dres Enslaver (245k) Drain Health, Heavy Spin attack, Heavy attack
House Dres Templar (348k) Heals enemies, Heals itself, Puncturing Strikes
House Dres Battlemage (348k) Frost Circle, Heavy attacks
Kagouti (348k) Charge, Heavy attacks
Bull Netch (348k) Poison Cloud, Spin attack, Heavy attacks
Enslaved Shadow (480k) Heavy Spin attack
Earthen Heart Knight (5.4mill) Heavy attacks, Sto

Stage 5 – The Celestial Ring

This arena is modeled after Lower Craglorn. You will be facing off against the Anka-Ra warriors and enemy gargoyles in a sandy arena covered in constellation stones. The Anka-Ra Shadowcasters have an ability to mark a player for death via “Celestial Blast”, which can only be prevented by rushing to the highlighted constellation and standing there until the effect wears off. The boss of this round is Anal’a Tu’wha.

The Celestial Ring

Mechanic:  Starting at Wave 2 Shadow Casters will spawn at specific locations. If left alive for more than 10 seconds they will curse all members of the group with a blue aura. If this happens, each player must stand on a glowing panel on the map. Avoid this to happen by killing the Shadow Caster before it can curse all your team.

Position: Wave 1-2: Central Gate. Wave 3-4: West Door.

Dangerous Mobs: Shadow Casters, Blademasters, Gargoyles.

Boss Strategies: Pull the boss to the West Door after he puts down his Standard of Might. You and your allies can place all your Ultimate’s down when the Shadow Caster spawns at the West Door at 40% Boss hp. The tank needs to make sure to pick up the Blademaster, Gargoyle & Pyromancer during the fight, and move quickly out of the Standard at regular intervals.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Duneracer (126k) Tail whip, Light attacks
Assassin Beetle (126k) Poison attack, Light attacks
Scorpion (158k) Poison attack, Light attacks
Anka-Ra Pyromancer (238k) Fire path, Heavy attack
Anka-Ra Blademaster (266k) Cleave, Heavy attacks
Anka-Ra Warrior (266k) Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Anka-Ra Assassin (266k) Stealth Stun, Ensnare, Heavy attack
Anka-Ra Archer (266k) Arrow Spray, Volley, Heavy attack
Anka-Ra Shadowcaster (360k) Doom
Gargoyle (586k) Earthfinder, Ground AOE attack, Heavy attacks
Anal’a Tu’wha (5.8mill) Heavy attacks, Standard of Might, Chains

Stage 6 – The Grove

In this round, you will fight against Pacthunter Bosmer, along with werewolves, spriggans, and lurchers. Aside from the Bosmer, every enemy will leave behind a green AoE upon death, which converts health into Magicka when you stand in it. Although dangerous, this can be useful, as the archer enemies directly damage your Magicka. The werewolves can heal by feeding on corpses. The boss is Pishna Longshot.

The Groove

Mechanic: Spriggans, Werewolves & Lurchers drops a green AOE circle when they die. If you stand in this circle you will regain Magicka & Stamina, at the cost of your Health (don’t stand too long in it!). Rangers Green Arrow shot will do decent damage to you but also drain all of your resources.

Position: Wave 1-2: Central Gate. Wave 3: South-West corner Ranger spawn, then another Ranger on the 3rd spawning at the West Door. Wave 4: East Door Ranger on 2nd spawn of mobs. Wave 5: Central Gate.

Dangerous Mobs: Archers (Spawns are the Positions Mentioned above)

Boss Strategies: Tank needs to make sure to pick up the Lurcher at the beginning and keep him and the other mobs slightly away from the Boss so the DDs have room to attack the boss. The Boss is a Ranger so watch out for his Green arrow shot.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Pacthunter Tempest (250k) Teleport to player; AOE, Heavy attacks
Pacthunter Mender (250k) Heals enemies, Heals itself, Light attacks
Pacthunter Slayer/Wildling (278k) Leap strike, Heavy attacks
Pacthunter Nightblade (278k) Shadow strike, Heavy attacks
Spriggan (278k) Drain Aura, Drain Circles, Heavy attacks
Werewolf (278k) Ravage, Leap, Swipes
Lurcher (396k) DoT AOE, Heavy Attacks, Club
Pacthunter Ranger (400k) Arrow Spray, Volley, Green Arrow
Pishna Longshot (6.1mill) Arrow Spray, Volley, Focused Aim, Green Arrow

Stage 7 – The Circle of Rituals

This round seemingly takes place in Oblivion, with a backdrop of Daedric ruins and lava. You will be fighting against Bloodwraith Dremora, banekin, daedroths, clannfear, and spider daedra. The arena contains three altars, which Daedric Sacrifices will slowly walk towards constantly. If you don’t kill them in time, these prisoners will be transformed into “Sacrificial Summons”, which can either be a scamp or a Daedric Titan. Note that the sacrifices continue appearing even if your group isn’t in combat, creating an unkillable stack of Titans that can only be cleared by dying. The bosses are the Shadow Knight and the Dark Mage. The mage can fully heal herself if not interrupted, and the knight can use Nova.

The Circle of Rituals

Mechanic: Sacrifice mobs will spawn at either (or all) sides of the Arena, North, West & East Doors. Assign 1 DD to each side of the Arena and then both DDs take care of the Center spawn Sacrifice.

Position: Wave 1-3: Center Arena. The tank needs to make sure to chain all mobs that spawn from all sides in the middle of the map, while DDs kill the Sacrifices.

Dangerous Mobs: All Mobs do insane damage!

Boss Strategies: DDs kill their assigned Sacrifices as soon as they spawn, then come back to the middle and focus on one of the Bosses. The tank needs to make sure to interrupt (bash) on both Bosses as they use Abilities with a cast time. Move quickly out of the Boss’ Negate & Nova abilities. At 70% & 40%, combined Boss HP mobs will spawn.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Daedric Sacrifice (Small) (100k) Walk Slowly, Transform
Daedric Sacrifice (Medium) (135k) Walk Slowly, Transform
Banekin (143k) AOE attack, Fire path
Bloodwraith Kyngald/Fearkyn (250k) Fear, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Daedric Sacrifice (Large) (260k) Walk Slowly, Transform
Bloodwraith Kynval/Caitiff/Clanfear (301k) Tail Whip, Cleave, Reflective Scales, Uppercut
Daedroth (420k) Breath Fire, Fire stomp, Heavy attacks
Spider Daedra (420k) Lightning path, Broodlings, Heavy attacks
Dark Mage (4.9mill) Daedric Mines, Negate, Fire Path, Self-heal, Cast AOE
Storm Knight (4.9mill) Eclipse, Backlash, Shield Bash, Heavy attacks

Stage 8 – The Steamworks

This round has a Dwemer style, and you will be fighting against Dwarven Automatons and enslaved mages. The Ice Centurions that spawn need to be taken down quickly, as they can freeze you in place or surround you with a slowing AoE. The Fire Centurions perform a powerful spinning AoE, which will need to be tanked or kited. The boss is Mavus Talnarith, who makes use of Mages Guild skills.

The Steamworks

Mechanic: The Dwarven Ice & Fire robots will curse 2 players randomly with Fire & Ice AOE circles. If these 2 players overlap then the damage effects of both circles are canceled.

Position: Wave 1-2: East Door. Kill Battlemages as soon as possible. Wave 3: Center Gate. Focus on killing the Spheres. Wave 4: DD’s quickly kill the Mage spawning on the West Door then come back to the middle stacking with the Tank & Healer. Wave 5: Kill the Boss in the middle of the Arena.

Dangerous Mobs: Battle Mages, Spheres, Flame, Ice, Ricochet, Waves

Boss Strategies: Burst Boss. At 80% Boss hp move to the North wall of the east pit (Battle Mage Spawn) and 2 Dwemer Robots. Kill the Dwemer Robots and be careful not to bring the boss below 40% hp before the robots are dead. Now pull the boss to the middle of the Arena. Then burst till 45% hp then use Heavy Attacks to charge your Resources/Ultimate. Once the boss is at 40%, 4 Dwemer Robots will spawn, try to kill the Boss as fast as possible.
Drop a nova when the robots reach you.
Healer or Tank – always stand near the boss to interrupt the Fire wave.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Regulated Frost Mage (286k) Ice Path, Unstable Elements, Light attacks
Regulated Pyromancer (286k) Fire Path, Fire AoE, Light attacks
Regulated Sorcerer (286k) Liquid Lightning, Teleport Lightning AoE, Light attacks
Regulated Battlemage (319k) Frost circle, Negate Magic, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Regulated Healer (319k) Healing beam, Healing Aura, Light attacks
Dwarven Spider (319k) Repairing Aura, Heavy attacks
Dwarven Sphere (319k) Richochet ground AoE, Dwarven Dart, Spin attack
Dwarven Fire/Ice/Charged Centurion (720k) Whirling blades, Circle of Flames/Frost Circle, Cleave, Heavy attacks
Mavus Talmarith (5.8mill) Heavy Fire Path, Fire Rune, Fire AoE, Meteor

Stage 9 – Crypts of the Lost

This round takes place in a graveyard, and you will be faced with undead enemies. These include Graveoath skeletons and wraiths. The arena is dotted with “holes” in the ground, where skeletons will pull you down and force you to fight your way to a portal back to the arena, although they can easily be avoided. The boss is Vampire Lord Thisa, who can make use of the Vampirism skill tree. Her Bat Swarm ability can quickly kill your group, so it’s advisable to have the tank taunt her away until the attack ends.

Crypts of the Lost

Mechanic: Black holes will appear across the Arena starting on Wave 2. If you step into one you will be dragged down into a Crypt where you must kill a Skeleton mob. A portal appears back to the Main Arena once the mob is dead.

Positions: Wave 1-2: West Door. Wave 3: Center Gate. On the 3rd spawn try to quickly kill the Miniboss before he summons his Shadow. If he does summon his Shadow he will become nearly invincible. One DD must go into one of the Black holes and beat both a normal mob and the mini-boss shadow in the Crypt. Once the mini-boss shadow dies you will be able to do normal damage to the Miniboss in the Main Arena. 4th Wave: East Door. 2nd spawn another Mini-boss will spawn. The same DD go down the Blackhole into the Crypt and again beat the mini-boss shadow & normal mob. 5th Wave: Center Gate.

The Crypt

Dangerous Mobs: Thundermaul, Illusionist, Wraith & Spirit.

Boss Strategies: Kill the mobs near the Boss. Be careful! The bosses HP may not fall under 81% Until the next steps are completed:

1st: After killing the mobs near the Boss a DD goes down the hole, kills the mob that spawns, then gets ready to kill both mini-boss shadows.
2nd: Tank moves the boss to the West Door. At 80% both Minibosses will spawn, 1 East 1 West. Taunt and hold both.
3rd: The DD comes out of the Crypt and helps kill both Mini bosses quickly. At 40% the Boss will spawn another wave of mobs.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Graveoath Ravener (262k) Light attacks
Graveoath Spirit (287k) Fear, Light/Heavy attacks
Graveoath Wraith (287k) Ice Path, Light attacks
Graveoath Illusionist (287k) Fear, Crystal Fragments, Heavy attacks
Graveoath Defender (319k) Cleave, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Graveoath Ravager (319k) Cleave, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Graveoath Archer (319k) Focused Aim, Arrow Spray, Volley, Light attacks
Graveoath Thundermaul (319k) Lightning AoE, Cleave, Heavy/Light attacks
Zackael Jonnicent (444k) Ice Path, Unstable Elements, Ice Barrier, Heavy Attacks
Rubyn Jonnicent (510k) Lightning AoE, Lightning Cleave, Thundering Presence, Heavy Attacks
Vampire Lord Thisa (6.9mill) Mist Form, Bat Swarm, Degeneration, Charge, Heavy Attacks

Stage 10: The Champion’s Arena

The final round takes place in Boethiah’s realm of Oblivion. Unlike the previous rounds, it is a single, prolonged boss fight with no checkpoints or waves of enemies. You will be fighting Boethiah’s Champion, Hiath the Battlemaster. He will periodically surround everyone with a powerful fiery AoE, which will follow you for a few seconds before dropping on the ground and remaining in place for a long time, creating additional hazards. The arena is divided into three islands separated by streams of lava, so it will become necessary to rotate islands once the fire builds up too much. The healer of the group will need to make sure that your teammates stay close enough to be healed, but not so close as to overlap AoE effects and start stacking damage.

The Champion’s Arena

As Hiath’s health decreases, he will begin to summon bosses from previous rounds. He will summon a warrior and a mage each time; the mage should be prioritised due to their lower health and powerful attacks. At 75% health, he will summon Champion Marcauld and Mavus Talnarith, the two guild bosses. At 50%, he will summon Yavni Frost-Skin and the Dark Mage. At 25%, he will summon the Earthen Heart Knight and Pishna Longshot. Focus on the additional bosses before resuming your attacks on Hiath. The tank will need to occupy Hiath and possibly the warrior enemy while other members deal damage.

The Vault

Once you’ve defeated Hiath, Boethiah will create four pillars of light and lift you into the sky, and you will earn the Dragonstar Arena Champion achievement if this is your first time. Your group will be returned to a special room in Dragonstar Arena, containing a chest called Champion’s Treasure and a book titled Boethiah’s Call of Champions. Exit the room to be returned to Craglorn.

The Champion’s Treasure

Source:  ESO Wiki

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