No hate speech: Slurs and imagery associated with hate groups are forbidden. Other examples will be handled on a case-by-case basis; posting with the intent to insult, offend, incite hate, or provoke an argument is not allowed. Excessive profanity is also not allowed. Do not attack other members, whether they are Staff or not.

🟪 If you are asked to stop using certain words (or to stop using them in a certain way), respect that and stop immediately.
🟪 Expressions of racism against game races. Roleplaying as an inhabitant of Tamriel with racist beliefs, expressing real-life racist memes substituted with Elder Scrolls races are not permitted. You will get permaban without warning!

Respect people’s privacy: Conversations that take place in private channels or in private messages should be treated as confidential, and should not be shared without the consent of the parties involved. 

🟪This rule applies to direct messages between staff and individual users as well. If the contents of a message need to be referenced in disciplinary discussions, paraphrase as best you can.
🟪Don’t intentionally antagonize, harass, or bully the members of this Guild, either in channel chat, voice chat, in private or indirect messages.
🟪If you have concerns about a conversation or feel you are being treated poorly, you may share the conversation with the Guild Master. This is the only exception to this rule and is intended to provide users some method of recourse if another user is PMing them and harassing them. 󠀀

🟪Discussions about illegal activities, violence, or explicitly sexual topics are not allowed – even when disguised as “memes”.
🟪 Links may NOT contain ads of any kind, pornography, racism, hate speech, disturbing links ETC!

Conversation Guidelines
🟪 Conversations in this server should be in English. A couple of lines in a foreign language are fine, but any more should be taken elsewhere.
🟪 Harassment, bashing, abuse, hate speech, or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated! Keep your politics/religion/sexuality opinion for yourself!
🟪 Spamming (posting lots of memes/emojis/bot commands/gibberish) is generally frowned upon. 
🟪 Try to stay on-topic for the channel you are in.
🟪 Be Respectful and Kind to everyone Member or Staff. You Represent the Guild so behave ♥

🟪 Invites to other Discord servers may be shared if relevant to the conversation and as long as those servers don’t violate any of the rules above. There is a channel where we can share your server: #eso-discords.

For any cases requiring immediate attention (racism, homophobia, etc.), please send a private message to @ScarletWitchie.

General Rules for Joining Our Raids

1 Be friendly, toxic people will not be tolerated!
🟪 We want to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere while raiding.
🟪If you want to raid with us you must be friendly, patient, and nontoxic – If you show unpleasant behavior you will be warned, if you continue to do so you’ll be removed from our discord.

2 Attending and delays
🟪 If you sign up for a raid make sure that you will be online and ready at least 15-10 minutes before the raid start time.
Ready means: Have your potions, mundus stone, gear, champion points, soul gems, food, repair kits… all ready for the raid!
🟪 If you can’t make it on time for the raid that you’ve signed up for, make sure to leave a comment on its own channel and resign from it or if you are joining with delay, make sure to let us know or you’ll be replaced.

NOT informing the Raid Leader that you are not being able to join the trial or being late without any warnings, you will get a Shame tag. Your name will be added on the Box of Shame channel.
If you do it again you will get a Prisoner tag and you will go straight to the #box-of-shame and get ignored (not being able to join our raids) for 2 weeks

3 Roles:
We’ll set everything before the raid:
🛡️ Tanks: Main/Off/Sets
🚑 Healers: Duties/Sets
⚔️ DD’s: Ranged/Melee, Duties

🟪 You will not be able to join our Farm Runs if you do not have a rank above Epic Dragon.
🟪 If you wish to join as a Tank or Healer in our Farm Runs you need a related tag, a rank above Epic Dragon, and as many sets available for those roles so you can combine them.
🟪 Unless it is explicitly stated in the Roster that a run is a Training Run: All members are expected to know all mechanics relevant to their role.

4 Must have addons
There are many good addons that you may want to use but we want everyone to have at least these add-ons ready to use when joining any of our raids:
🟪 Raid notifier (turn ON notifications for all the trials)
🟪 Hodor reflexes (turn on DPS sharing, if you are healer or tank, turn on ultimate sharing)
🟪 Code’s combat alerts (all the good notifications are ON by default)
🟪 Medusa
There is a list of add-ons we recommend and if you don’t know how to use them, you can read the #guides channel

Only Raid Leaders are allowed to create trials. If you want to create and lead a trial you should let me know.


Trial Leaders are in Charge – no matter your knowledge or ability, trial leaders have taken their time to offer and you are their guest. Their word is final so act accordingly as they have every right to boot you from a trial if you are causing issues. They get to choose who will be in their raid.

Respect– show your fellow guildies respect at all times. Do not start dramas or fights. Remember that 11 other people are counting and waiting on you, so do not go AFK unless the leader says it is ok for you to do so. If there is an emergency, whisper to the raid leader quickly and follow their direction.

Don’t Take Over– Do not take over discord voice chat. During the trial fights, leave the discord voice chat free of chatter so that you and others can listen to instructions from the trial leaders. Jokes and comments are welcome but pick a time where you’re not disrupting.

Show Up On Time– All of our raids require you to show up 15/10 minutes prior to the start of the trial. This is to give the raid leaders time to form the group, make sure everyone is in voice chat, and find replacements if needed. If you are late, you may be replaced (and get a Shame tag). Whisper the raid leader to make it easier for them to invite you. 

Be Patient– Do not run ahead, or pull mobs. Wait for the trial leader and the group. Listen patiently to explanations, you never know when you may learn something new.

Ask Questions – Be sure to ask questions and get clarification if you don’t understand something – leaders or guildies are there to help you learn.

  • English only! Both in Voice and Discord Channels!
  • To join our open raids you need to be at least 450 CP and a DPS of 60k minimum.
  • Do not use the trial roster channel for chatting, keep it clean so it’s easier for Raid Leaders to organize the raid
  • Our trial times are ALWAYS based on the CET timezone. If you are in doubt you can use the
  • Discuss your gear with Tank/Healer before we start – you can also post it in the trial channel what you will wear in advance.
  • We do not sell trial loot to anyone (but if the person who takes the item really wants to give gold in return for appreciation then it’s ok)
  • Don’t go AFK without letting everyone know.
    – Not having a headset and not being able to communicate in raids is a crime, you don’t want to be punished by a Khajiit 🙀

 You should be able to communicate with your team! 
 without communication, we will not succeed

Remember and respect the fact that there are 11 other people involved and willing to share their time and effort so, stay positive and be nice!

Arrogant & Toxic People will NOT be tolerated! 


Please post your new and updated parse in the #📁dps-parse channel if you have the minimum 60k+DD, you’ll earn a DD role.

🟪 Every game patch update we will clear the DPS Parse channel and you MUST post a new parse if you want to maintain your DPS role.
🟪 You will not be able to sign for some raids If you haven’t posted a DPS Parse or a playing role (Tank/Healer).
🟪 If you want the DD role you must have a minimum DPS of 60k on 21 mil dummy (Iron Atronach, trial) – You can find two in my house @ScarletWitchie.

🟪 If you try to cheat by posting fake DPS parse, we will find out eventually and you will be asked to do a live parse with one of our officers. If you show low DPS compared to the DPS parse you posted, it’ll be counted as fake parse/cheating and you’ll be banned from the server.

The followings are forbidden for making any DPS parse:

– Thrassian Stranglers
– Blood for Blood (Vampire Skill)

Example of DPS-Parse Screenshot

To make yourself visible make sure your settings are like in the picture above. Take a screenshot and post it on the DPS Parse channel.

You can use the:  for screenshots. Best screen capture! I use it and recommend it ♥
– No, they are not paying me for this! 😿