Welcome to Dragon Void

We are a guild focused on bringing the highest level of support to its members and in turn expectations are high for those wishing to call us home. Joining our raids, you will find a focused group of people who above all else enjoy the worlds we play to the fullest.

We strive to have fun and more so, enable the fun of others in a no-pressure, mature environment. As a guild, we cater to the player that is confident, cool-headed, selfless, and controlled, while a ballsy sense of humor is a must!
Our guild is designed to be drama free, helpful, and positive. While we focus on getting our team through content and on to group and end game work, we also recognize that the journey to this point is half the fun. As such you will find our members to be driven yet understanding, patient, and most helpful.

Code of Conduct

Common sense reigns supreme. Mutual respect not only for your guild but also for the community at large is a must. 
Remember to always carry yourself well in-game to how you chat and present yourself to the community as a whole while being a member of Dragon Void.

No hate or any kind of discriminatory speech, pornography racist, or degrading content (you will get permaban without warning!) Keep your politics/religion/sexuality opinion for yourself

Dragon Void Discord chat is to be kept “R” rated and for the most part, game-related.  You represent something more than just yourself now, make us proud and remember… YOU are the face of Dragon Void!


This is a great tool for analyzing your performance and measuring it. Dragon Void will use it for the purposes of improving performance and helping each other. Our Veteran trials lead will use the logs to help their groups understand how they can improve as they progress through end game content.

You can find the join link on our Discord server. These logs will not be used for exclusion or “DPS/healing shaming” by or against any Dragon Void member.

Streaming or recording of Dragon Void Members

It should go without saying that not everyone wishes to be streamed or recorded while gaming. Please gain their consent FIRST if you intend to stream/record while playing. Make all members that you are grouped with or running with aware that you are recording/streaming game and/or voice activities.
If you are not the leader or organizer of the group/event you are streaming, please make sure the organizer has also given permission.

Names and account changes

If you decide, for any reason, to change your @name in The Elder Scrolls Online (or any title utilizing global account handles) contact an Officer and provide both new and old account names. This will help us a great deal in terms of roster management. Not doing so may result in your removal (we have no idea who you are!)

Voice Coms Display Name

Set your nickname for the Discord server to reflect your @name/account name or your main character name. Needs to be something we will associate with you being a member of Dragon Void. The name you display in Voice Coms will undoubtedly become the name we call you by.

If at any time you wish to discuss the above or challenge a rule, please feel free to do so by contacting @ScarletWitchie (Discord: ScarletWitchie#9128) or an available officer.

Recruitment Status: OPEN 
Home Server: EU, PC
Guild Type: We are a social and dedicated PVE-Guild. We focus on doing more with less with selfless leadership and members that drive the guild through all the content of ESO! We focus on doing more with less with selfless leadership and members that drive the guild through all the content of The Elder Scrolls Online!
We are a no drama, fun enabling, and content-driven guild. Dragon Void is seeking like-minded individuals to share in the adventure that is The Elder Scrolls Online!

  • We utilize Discord as our primary voice coms.
  • While end game, PvE is our goal, we enjoy all aspects of gameplay and the road that leads to such. We have daily trials!
  • While the guild Commanders resides in the CET time zone, we cater to and support players from all over the globe. We hold events across various times and days of play.
  • All alliances are welcome for PvE content.

Dragon Void Values:

  • Respect – A respectful guild is a successful guild.
  • Attitude – A good attitude leads to good times.
  • Loyalty – A loyal member leads to guild cohesion.
  • Activity – An active guild is a fun guild.
  • Confidence – A confident member is a drama-free member.

If you are interested in joining our community, please click on the image below and you will be redirected to our Discord Channel.