We are an Aldmeri Dominion Guild dedicated to finding players (any factions are welcome, of course), creating groups and running dungeons. Public dungeons, group dungeons, veteran dungeons, trials & dragonstar arena and PVP. Our website exists to help you gain more knowledge about the game in general, guides, recommended addons, and how to be more useful in a group.

Dragon Void is a new guild, we are looking for some friendly explorers to join us in our adventures. We will always have each other’s back, both in PvE and PvP. We are a group of open-minded people looking for players of many different abilities and styles, be it Relaxed Beginners to MMORPG to Hardcore Pros.
Most of the people doesn’t have a free slot for a new guild, so it is not necessary to join the guild in the game, you can can just join Discord and participate in the grouping scheduled events for trials or PVP raids.

Recruitment Status:
🐉 We are always looking for members to join our raids.
🐉 We play on the European Server.
🐉 We are Majority Aldmeri Dominion but all factions are welcome.
🐉 English speaking.
🐉 Having a mic.
🐉 Being active and help your fellow guild mates.
🐉 Be willing to use Discord instead of TeamSpeak.
🐉 Be willing to participate in conversations with fellow Dragon Void members on Discord.

As a member of the Guild you agree to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all preamble and subsection articles. These are the basic laws of being a good person that everyone knows ❤️

In addition:

🐉 Members must try to stay positive when communicating with other members during raids. Negative or nonconstructive comments are neither helpful or wanted by anyone. Everyone is trying their best, just remember that 🙂
🐉 Members must try to be on time for scheduled events.
🐉 Leaders have the full support of the Guild Master in all decisions they take.
🐉 It’s 2019 nobody thinks racism, discrimination or prejudice on account of country, race, religion or gender is either acceptable, funny or grown up. Zero tolerance. You will be kicked! ❌

We are willing to take members from any country as long as you’re able to fulfil the requirement above. Would you like to join us?

Link to our discord channel:
Dragon Void