The Luxury Furnishing Vendor is a special vendor that only appears on the weekend to sell rare furniture. The furnishings rotates every week (Friday 7:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM EDT until 11:00 AM EST / 12:00 PM EDT Monday) and have a common theme.

The merchant that sells the items is named Zanil Theran, he is located in Cicero’s Food & General Goods shop in the Hollow City, Coldharbour.

Items For Sale: June 14-17

Dwarven Engine, Fused 24,000g
Dwarven Fountain, Forged 50,000g
Dwarven Pillar, Forged 10,000g
Dwarven Press Bed, Forge-Sized 22,000g
Dwarven Clock, Deactivated 15,000g

Items For Sale: June 07-10

Banner, Order of the Hour 12,000g
Brotherhood Banner, Large 25,000g
Brotherhood Candelabra, Floor 8,000g
Brotherhood Carpet, Large 15,000g
Brotherhood Ledger Stand 4,000g
Brotherhood Plaque, Wolf 25,000g

Items For Sale: June 01-03

Brotherhood Candelabra, Table 2,500g
Brotherhood Stained Glass Window 100,000g
Brotherhood Tapestry 10,000g
Brotherhood Tapestry, Small 5,000g
Door, Sweet Mother 35,000g

Items For Sale: May 24-27

Dark Elf Statue, Knight 20,000g
Ra Ga Statue, Forward Scout 25,000g
Statue Base, Circular 2,500g
Statue, Justice 25,000g
Statue, Order 25,000g
Statue, Truth 25,000g

Items For Sale: May 17-20

Dark Elf Statue, Ordinator 20,000g
Ra Gada Statue, Battlemage 25,000g
Ra Gada Statue, Blademaster 25,000g
Statue Base, Square 2,500g
Statue, Faith 25,000g
Statue, Light 25,000g

Items For Sale: May 10-13

Column, Ossuary 20,000g
Necromancer’s Brazier, Cold-Flame
Necromancer’s Spire, Compact 25,000g
Necromancer’s Spire, Huge 100,000g

Items For Sale: May 03-06

Necromancer’s Brazier, Flame 10,000g
Necromancer’s Spire, Alcove 75,000g
Necromancer’s Spire, Narrow 50,000g
Wheelbarrow, Bones 1,000g

Items For Sale: April 26-29

Corpse, Burned Sprawled - 2,500g
Corpse, Burned Seated - 2,500g
Body Cage - 5,000g
Bandages, Blood-Soaked - 2,000g
orture Wheel - 100,000g
Torture Rack - 5,000g
Orcish Burial Urn, Exhumed - 20,000g