Scarlet Witchie – A Breton magicka Dragonknight.

This is my main dd character where I like to do all my achievement hunting. I currently have 24855 achievement points ♥ I use this char on both PVP and PVE.

Magicka DD Dragonknight – Main Char

Maze’Keen – A High Elf Templar. When I’m bored to play dd, I go as healer.

Healer – Templar

Scarlet’Witchie – A High Elf magicka Sorcerer. This is my second main character.

I love sorcerers but not as much as I love Dragonknights ♥ I use this char mostly on PVP

Magicka DD Sorcerer

Nameless Queen – A Nord Dragonknight Tank. Because, why not? XD Oh and the name is inspired by the Dark Souls 3 boss “Nameless King”

Scarlett Witchie – I need to think of better names for my chars XD. Well this one is a Khajiit, and this one is a stamina dd Sorcerer. This one is barely used to play.

Ice Queen – A High Elf magicka Warden. Because when this class came out, everybody wanted to try, right? I also barely use this char and when I do, its for PVP.

And the last char you see on the list, its just to save the name Danierys Targaryen, which was my main character’s name. Maybe I should change it back? xD